McKinney and Me by Saab Lofton

McKinney and Me
by Saab Lofton

"In 2006, the United Nations Human Rights Commission noted its concern that while African Americans constitute just 12% of the population, they represent 50% of homeless people ... Myriad reports and studies that have been done all come up with the same basic conclusion: In order to resolve deep and persisting racial disparities in this country, a public policy initiative is urgently needed."
--Cynthia McKinney, A Discussion of Race Worth Having, March 18th, 2008

An urgently needed public policy initiative, eh? Sounds like what I've been calling for for years: An eco-friendly version of FDR's New Deal, whereby we the people pay the poor to save the world. Given the sorry-ass state the environment's in, there are more than enough jobs for everyone -- from so-called illegal immigrants (Superman is the only "illegal alien" I know) to ghetto gangstahs to trailer trash. Now, how can America afford a LIVING wage for all these people to build windmills, grow industrial hemp and install solar power panels? Tax the rich and cut the military budget, of course.

Sure, amongst all too many whites in suburbia, there's this irrational, libertarian fear that Patrick Swayze's 1984 movie Red Dawn will literally come to pass if the rich are taxed and the military budget is cut, but to Hell with them! Lives hang in the balance here! Besides, no one cared how I'd feel about Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay, so why should I treat suburbanites as if they're made out of glass?

The aforementioned is why I'm officially endorsing Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney, formerly a Democratic member of the House of Representatives (Georgia's 4th Congressional District). If the President of the United States is my commander-in-chief, that means he/she is my superior officer -- and I'm only going to follow someone into battle who's courageous and genuinely cares about the poor and oppressed (the left-wing). Not some craven coward like Barack Obama, who CONstantly panders to the rich and powerful (the right-wing).

The lesser of two evils is still evil -- I don't care how cute Obama is ..!

Even the commies are coming out for McKinney! "Workers World newspaper in the past has supported the candidates of Workers World Party running for national office in the U.S. presidential elections and who have put forward a revolutionary socialist program. This time we are taking the unusual step of endorsing the candidacy of Cynthia McKinney because these are unique times and this is a unique candidate."

And do your homework before claiming McKinney will split the vote and spoil the election! As Amy Goodman of Democracy Now put it so well: "Many continue to believe that the election was thrown to George W. Bush by Ralph Nader, who got about 97,000 votes in Florida. Ten times that number of Floridians are prevented from voting at all."

Ten times that number adds up to about a million, but does the Democratic Party blame Florida's white supremacy? No, they CONtinue to scapegoat Nader!

Speaking of, Nader's a good man -- one of the best (I endorsed him in 2000 and 2004), but he's in his mid-seventies, and if I'm going to get on Reagan's or McCain's case about being too old ... In contrast, McKinney is a healthy 53 years old. If anything, Nader should join McKinney's campaign with the understanding that he'd be appointed Attorney General -- can you imagine HIM of all people with a position like THAT ..?

On Saturday, June 14th, 2008, I met McKinney when she came to Seattle's Cafe Vega, where a documentary about her campaign and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was played. We talked for a few minutes and I proposed that I be picked as her vice presidential candidate on the grounds that -- like the samurai of ancient Japan -- I'd rather die than sell out. How often have we heard it in political circles? "I can't publicly support that; I don't want to end up like J.F.K. or Dr. King ..."

There are plenty of decent politicians out there, even in America -- the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders (maybe Ron Paul on a really good day), but remember the old saying, "If the people lead, then the leaders will follow." In other words, even if a series of Biblical miracles allows McKinney to be sworn in on January 20th, 2009, we the people are STILL obligated to visibly demand a future that's far better than our past. Put the video games down and pick up a peace sign for some REAL adventure; elections come once in a while, but the necessity to protest is eternal.