Target Demographics With Disposable Income by Saab Lofton

Target Demographics With Disposable Income
by Saab Lofton

One of the biggest problems with Barack Obama is the problematic paradox he presents: If Obama loses this November, the claim will be that Rev. Jeremiah Wright's brutal honesty contributed to his downfall. If Obama wins, then supposedly the path to electoral success will lie in denouncing the brutally honest. In either event, those who tell the truth in this world are fucked.

Since the days of old -- back when white women were put on pedestals by plantation society and kept from black men who could impregnate them with "mongrels" such as Oscar-winner Halle Berry (and Barack Obama, for that matter) -- all too many whites in America have gotten off on pretending as though they're made out of glass. The theory is white Americans are so fragile, if someone like Rev. Wright points out the existence of American imperialism, they'll simply fall apart.

The reality is, as the gay community's protest signs have appropriately stated, SILENCE EQUALS DEATH. In other words, DESPITE whatever reaction will occur after the truth is told, everyone from suburbia to the trailer parks needs to know they're part of an evil empire which must be overthrown, period.

Given that I'm boycotting the concept of a day job and trying to survive off of nothing more than my labor of love (storytelling), the aforementioned makes my boycott/hunger strike all the more difficult. In addition, since my eventual goal is to be as wealthy as George Lucas -- so I can afford to donate heavily to Amnesty International, Food Not Bombs, Code Pink, and so forth -- I'm constantly being told in one form or another that to attract a Star Wars-sized audience, I must "tone it down." Here are but two examples which were e-mailed to me recently (for the record, Wilkerson and Latorres do NOT know each other) ...

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
Shelly Wilkerson

I'm wondering if they rejected it due to the "in your face" approach ... you might want to tone it down to slip in under the door first. Then later when you establish an audience, let the hard stuff seep out a little at a time.

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
Illya Latorres

Obviously, if you were a "brown-noser," your opinions would have been aired ... The only way I foresee airing your opinions is to be just as devious and deceitful as some of these people who get away with their lies and so forth. Present a format and then change it in midstream once you are on the air. I realize this may be compromising your principles but the poor and oppressed cannot "eat" principles. Consider it, anyway.

... there's a reason for all things. As of this writing, Batman: The Dark Knight has yet to surpass Titanic in terms of ticket sales because Titanic's star Kate Winslet looks like an average white woman (as opposed to a flawless goddess like Natalie Portman or Keira Knightley), and as a result, all the average-looking white women flocked to support one of their own.

This dynamic also accounts for the Harry Potter phenomenon: On the one hand, white parents feel comfortable letting their children read/watch it, and on the other hand, those children can relate to Harry Potter because -- like most adolescents -- the character is an angst-ridden outcast in a school full of other angst-ridden outcasts (Why do you think The X-Men does so well?). That Harry Potter's magic is culturally Eurocentric (the story's set in England, with all the gothic trappings therein) only sweetens the deal, as it were ...

Flatter white America and success will follow (or as Madison Avenue would claim, target the demographic with the most disposable income)? Maybe so, but as I often tell friends and foes alike, HOW I make it big is AS important IF NOT MORE SO than whether I make it at all (Michael Moore, Rage Against the Machine and Aaron McGruder are my role models). Besides, if everything in life has to be run through this soccer-mom-and-NASCAR-dad filter, then that IS in fact a dictatorship, by dictionary definition ...

2. absolute, imperious, or overbearing power or control.

... as I said in my interview with Trajan Magazine: "I write because I'm too wimpy and cowardly to follow the path of John Brown, Che Guevara, and the Black Panthers. I come across the way I do because I'm overcompensating since I seriously doubt the pen is actually mightier than the sword. I suspect that when I die, Che will be waiting for me outside the gates of Paradise lookin' ta beat my ass silly like a bully on the playground for deluding myself into thinking that cartoons and science fiction could ever take the place of revolution."

Should I ever get the funding necessary to reach a wide audience, said audience WILL be hit with the kind of content that'll make Rev. Wright blush. Imagine an action-adventure movie about an alternate timeline in which the Black Panther Party wrested power from Nixon in a Second American Revolution because he declared marital law instead of resigning. That's my next novel and it's called "76" (short for 1976), because during this timeline's Bicentennial, Bobby Seale is sitting in the Oval Office with his feet on the desk. How profitable would 76 be? There's only one way to find out. Oh, I'm sure FOX News would do everything it could to slam the film, but I've dealt with gratuitously snide, stuck-up, sarcastic bastards throughout my career (ask The Las Vegas CityLife about all the right-wing hate mail I used to get) ...

I call it a one-two punch: Put out something that enlightens the masses and then donate most of the money it makes to a variety of good causes. Since this strategy of mine is no secret, is it any wonder I'm being held back and conspired against ..?