Interview with artist Saab Lofton in Seattle

Interview with Saab Lofton

I'm engaged in a unique form of activism
I'm boycotting day jobs
I will limit my means of income to things that befit my labor of love which is radical story telling.
In otherwords if I can't tell a story for a living, if I can't sell one of my comics for a living, then I won't live at all.
So no flipping burgers,no stocking shelves at Walmart. Eithe More..r I make it as an author, or I don't make it at all.
So My life is lterally on the line here.

I can respect that, people who do art and do creative things, people don't understand this commit that we make when we choose to do art.

It is quicker easier and more seductive to simply take whatever comes along, especially if you have a family, which is why I'm glad I ducked that bullet.

Do you want to show me anything about your art or comic, journalism?

Check my website, the website serves as a portfolio that explains everthing, why I'm out here why I do what I do, it also explains what is at stake, because as long as 17 to 20 billion is wasted on nuclear missles every year then there is that much less money to be investing into jobs, into the arts, things we know in fact that we need and so by refusing to work a day job, I'm refusing to let the rich and powerful fall off the hook. If the rich and the powerful realize if those that live in MC Hammer, MTV ______ mansions
based on the sales of nuclear weapons. If those types know that all they got to do is just tell people like Marie Antoinette said let them eat cake, if the military industrial complex know that people can be dismissivly be told that they just flip burgers for a living then that divorces them of any obligation to invest in jobs, invest in the arts and so by laying my life on the line and saying I would rather die than do anything else rather than what I was born to do.

I obligate them to invest in subsidized housing so that artist can afford to be artists only. It very complicated and can not be summed up in a thity second sound bite which is why I always tell people to log on to the website

Thanks Saab, Davis out.