Beware of False Prophets by Saab Lofton


Beware of False Prophets
by Saab Lofton

In the comics, Spider-Man's superheroic career was often hindered by the libel of J. Jonah Jameson's Daily Bugle, and boy, can I relate -- be it online stalkers or right-wing hate mail, my reputation has taken more hits than a crack pipe, and as D.J. Casey Kasem would say, the hits just keep on comin' ..!

In Las Vegas, someone who claims to be a religious prophet by the name of Sonyata is out to do my good name harm and he is NOT to be taken seriously. This is a man who stalked -- and probably still stalks -- an Arabic woman named Hend because a series of "visions" told him they were destined to be together. Poverty forced me to deal with Sonyata in the past and now I deeply regret it. I can only hope that none of you make the mistake of having any dealings with this so-called prophet.

Sonyata gallivants through life like the Eloi from H.G. Wells' The Time Machine and the following quotes best explain what I mean ...

"Dropping out I saw as copping out -- turning on as tuning out to social causes I believed in. To me, hippies were just so many glassy-eyed zombies floating through the neighborhood head shops. To them, I was too 'politico,' 'just another power freak.'"
--Abbie Hoffman, from his autobiography

"The new age/hippie types who insist we all 'create our own reality' never had to think much about the privilege that was created for them before they were born. They drive me apeshit."
--Geov Parrish, from a personal e-mail he sent me on July 20th, 2007

"The book boldly and ignorantly states, 'the only reason any person does not have enough money is because they are blocking money from coming to them with their thoughts.' Tell that to the 36 million Americans living in poverty. Even worse, tell that to the 3 billion people worldwide who live on less that $2 a day."
--Courtney E. Martin, from her review of The Secret

... despite the image new agers/hippies have of being radical, the ones like Sonyata will deny the existence of black suffering all so they won't have to deal with anything the least bit disturbing; their spoiled comfort level means that much to them.

Despite Oprah's riches and Obama's coronation, blacks in America are still catching Hell on an hourly basis. The statistics speak for themselves, and if you want evidence, I can provide plenty, but this should suffice ...
The African-American poverty rate is three times higher than the rate for Whites ... About one in 10 White children live in poverty (10.5 percent). For African-Americans, the figure is 33.2 percent ...The African-American infant mortality rate is 2.4 times the rate for Whites.
In good times and bad, blacks face harsher employment prospects for many reasons, including a higher likelihood of past incarceration or homelessness, and less access to a network of friends and relatives who might have job leads. Discrimination, while less overt than in years past, still plays a role, experts say.

Obama's mere presence in the Oval Office is offered as proof that "the land of the free" has finally made good on its promise ... Perhaps greater lies have been told in the past century, but they can be counted on one hand. Racial caste is alive and well in America. Most people don't like it when I say this. It makes them angry. In the "era of colorblindness" there's a nearly fanatical desire to cling to the myth that we as a nation have "moved beyond" race.

... and yet, Sonyata's "fanatical" ilk will swear that all black folks need to do is pull themselves up by their bootstraps or click their heels three times and say there's no place like home or some such damn thing. Horribly petty, isn't it? That untold millions can writhe in agony, but Sonyata's primary concern is how the subject of racism in and of itself makes him uncomfortable. Case in point, he recently wrote the following about yours truly ...

"He was a writer for a local weekly magazine here in Vegas. He had a good gig going for a while, and a lot of people read his stuff. That is until every article was about the racist white pigs who run everything. It gets old after a while."

... any philosopher worth their mettle will agree that the price of liberty is ETERNAL vigilance, and when you forget history, it repeats itself. Can you imagine telling a Jew not to talk about the Holocaust because "it gets old after a while" ..?

For the record, "a lot of people" STILL read my stuff. My first novel was endorsed by the late, great Professor Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States, and my second novel was endorsed by Civil Rights legend Dick Gregory. In fact, to prove how good my work is, I've been boycotting day jobs for the past several years; if I wasn't worthy, I'd have starved to death on the streets ages ago.

As far as the cursing and righteous rage in my writing that dainty hippies like Sonyata have such a problem with -- well, this pretty much sums it up ...
Inspired by the feminist and Black Power movements, the new gay liberation movement organized in opposition to the political establishment and didn't accept piecemeal concessions. It changed public opinion NOT by being cautious and quiet, BUT BY BEING BOLD AND VOCAL. The result was a huge leap forward in rights and recognition ...