Pacifists, NOT Masochists! by Saab Lofton

Pacifists, NOT Masochists!
by Saab Lofton

"Peace is not the absence of war, but a virtue based on strength of character."
--philosopher Baruch Spinoza (1632 to 1677)

In the Star Wars saga, the Jedi are able to psychically detect and physically manipulate emotions in a variety of supernatural ways. Well, all too many whites in the peace movement are under the delusion that they're capable of the same exact thing and it's costing the rest of us dearly.

Vegas odds dictate that a white left-winger is statistically likely to be related to a right-winger, so there's an inherent conflict of interest, to say the least, since "88% of Bush's support came from white voters," according to Oscar winner Michael Moore. Therefore, white leftists are more liable to irrationally extend an olive branch to those clinically insane teabaggers than any other ethnic demographic of activist. Think I'm exaggerating? I just got following e-mail from Code Pink ...

"Your country needs you to start a difficult conversation right now with someone you love dearly but just can't see eye to eye with! At CODEPINK, we are extending an olive branch to Tea Party activists. While we don't support the goals and tactics of the Tea Party ... We are not naïve to think that it would be easy for the Tea Party and the peace movement to work together. Our core values are different [THANK GOD THEY'VE GOT SOME SENSE]. But building peace means reaching out to the other side and trying to find common ground even with those people whose beliefs contradict so many of our own. So this Tax Day, we ask you to reach out to your conservative family members, friends and co-workers ..."

... I never thought I'd say this, but those bitches have lost their fucking minds! They're clearly petrified that expressing any anger at all will somehow result in a fall from grace akin to Anakin Skywalker's (hence the Star Wars reference earlier). Of course, the REAL reason behind their George McFly-esque fear of confrontation is obvious: White left-wingers don't want their woefully (and dangerously*) ignorant cousins to be gunned down by a Che Guevara wannabe if/when The Revolution comes. Fortunately, the black (and every other non-white) community doesn't suffer from such a crippling impediment. Check out this scene from an interview with the legendary Harry Belafonte ...

John Leland: You once described yourself as being in a constant state of rebellion, fueled by anger. How is your anger different at 74 than at 34?

Harry Belafonte: The anger hasn't changed. I've got to be a part of whatever the rebellion is that tries to change all this. The anger is a necessary fuel. Rebellion is healthy.

... unfortunately, when I recently went to an anti-nuclear event at Seattle University, the advise insofar as how to deal with teabaggers was to attend their churches and be friends with them! What the fuck?! Just because you're a pacifist doesn't mean you have to be a masochist! I can think of three reasons why that's the worst idea since pet rocks ...

First, going to a teabagger church would accomplish less than nothing. According to the Religious Right, one of the ways to tell if an up-and-coming leader might be the anti-Christ is if he/she calls for -- and actually succeeds in -- the abolition of nuclear weapons! Well, how convenient for the military-industrial complex! Essentially, unless world peace is instantly/magically brought about by a WHITE Jesus, the teabaggers won't approve, so there's NO way in Hell any common ground can be found. It's a good thing the anti-Christ wasn't credited for the Civil Rights Movement -- otherwise, my black ass would STILL be sitting in the back of the bus ..!

Second, there are over three hundred million Americans and less than sixty million registered Republicans. We the people outnumber those assholes 3 to 1, so quit acting like we need to cut some Faustian/Machiavellian deal with them! The only thing they deserve is our contempt for having held back overdue socio-economic progress for God knows how long* ...

Finally, the only reason it even seems as if one must acknowledge the presence of these retarded flat Earthers is that the corporately-owned mass media (namely FOX News) has colossally overrated their supposed importance. That's why it's such an urgent imperative to support independent media like Amy Goodman's Democracy Now. Speaking of, look at what she once wrote in The Seattle Times on April 3, 2005, "As the Pentagon has learned, deploying the American media is more powerful than any bomb ... Why do the corporate media cheerlead for war? One answer lies in the corporations themselves -- the ones that own the major news outlets. At the time of the first Persian Gulf War, CBS was owned by Westinghouse and NBC by General Electric. Two of the major nuclear weapons manufacturers owned two of the major networks. Westinghouse and GE made most of the parts for many of the weapons in the Persian Gulf War. It was no surprise, then, that much of the coverage on those networks looked like a military hardware show."

No wonder the teabaggers are butt skank stupid! And as the old proverb goes, "He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool, shun him." Seriously, you think THEY'RE sitting around all day long worrying about how to break bread with US?

White leftists are also confused about what it means to be for peace, so allow me to explain: Conflict is inevitable, so the only issue is WHY and HOW a battle is fought. Are you fighting to defend the defenseless or are you fighting so an already spoiled elite can become even MORE wealthy? Do you fight with a code of honor or do you fight with an adrenaline-addicted berserker fury with no regard for Human rights?

Peace, like war, is a relative concept: A WAR on poverty is beneficial (and it's bloodless for the most part) whereas the PEACE one can find in an abusive household is NOT. Non-violent conflict resolution is cool and all, but there are times when a motherfucker needs his ass whupt; in which case, use the STUN setting on your phaser! NON-lethal weaponry exists, so start using it!

As Captain Sisko from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine put it so well, "You're a Starfleet officer. We don't put civilians at risk or even potentially at risk to save ourselves. Sometimes, that means we lose the battle and sometimes our lives, but if you can't make that choice, then you can't wear that uniform." Now, imagine if the ethics of that fictional character were everyday reality for our armed forces! THAT would be peaceful!

Peace simply means that violence is rare, brief, rooted in morality and absolutely necessary. It does NOT mean gallivant through life like the Eloi from H.G. Wells' The Time Machine -- NOR does it mean dropping to your already dusty knees and kissing the asses of those who're for war ...