Oh, Bomb A Country, Part II


Oh, Bomb A Country, Part II
by Saab Lofton

"The Senate approved $91 billion in funding for the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan yesterday [May 21st, 2009] ... The no-strings-attached legislation comes as a deep disappointment to progressive members of Congress, as well as to anti-war voters, many of whom hoped the Obama administration would mark a significant break with Bush-style war funding."
--Maya Schenwar, truthout.org, May 22nd, 2009

Well, it's official: I hate Obama ...

Oh, don't get me wrong -- if some idiot tried to assassinate Obama, I'd throw myself between him and the bullet faster than any secret service agent would. Why? Because that colossally overrated Cabana Boy for the D.L.C. (Democratic Leadership Council) does NOT deserve to be a martyr. Having said that, I still hate his cowardice and how he's pissing away a golden opportunity to make the world a better place.

If I were to ever go to jail for taking someone out, it'd only be after I hear another motherfucker make excuses for the President of the United States; the single most powerful person in Human history. For instance, in the May 14th, 2009 issue of Eat the State, Seattle resident Bob Miller wrote the following in his letter to the editor: "Obama's dilemma is what to do with a million troops, mercenaries and military contractors were they to be demobilized and brought back to the mainland. There are no jobs for them. Turning swords into ploughshares is not in Obama's cards."

There's a HUGE difference between can't and won't. The laws of physics dictate we can't fly like Superman, but those same natural laws ain't keeping Obama from "turning swords into ploughshares." As powerful as the president is, he/she can, but he/she won't; he/she chooses not to because a) he's/she's a coward or b) his/her family is being held hostage.

In the Old West, you could only join the Pony Express if you were an orphan. Maybe the same prerequisite should be the case when it comes to being president. Seriously, I'm getting real tired of shit not getting done because somebody couldn't keep their legs closed. Take Star Wars -- all Anakin had to do was leave Amidala alone, but oh, no ..!

Bob Miller's letter claims there's a so-called "dilemma" insofar as what to do with a million homebound troops, but there's NO dilemma! As I've said for YEARS now, we the people need a Greenpeace version of F.D.R.'s New Deal! Train those troops to be environmentalists! Teach them to do good deeds! Get their asses over that white supremacist fear of being bred out by dark skinned people and ship 'em to Haiti. Why Haiti? Because they could help clear away all the mud covering Haitian roads and keeping those supposedly lazy people from going to work/school! According to The Associated Press (Sept. 26th, 2008), "Gray mud is still piled waist-high in homes, coating prized television sets, books and cooking pots. Tens of thousands still live in shelters and roam muddy streets looking for food ... The floods from [hurricanes] Fay, Gustav, Hanna and Ike destroyed an estimated 60 percent of Haiti's food harvest."

You good ol' boys want glory? Y'all want that pat on the back and the right to waive that damn flag with moral incumbency? Then be one of the good guys (for a change)!

Unfortunately, FOX News has a FAR bigger audience than li'l ol' moi, so if Obama were to suddenly grow a backbone and do the right thing, some snide prick will tell tens of millions that he'd be leaving us defenseless. Well, if anyone wants proof that an increase in the already bloated military budget will NOT keep us safe, consider this: The military budget for 2000/2001 was in the hundreds of billions; higher than that of any other nation-state, AND YET those planes STILL crashed into those buildings on 9-11 DID THEY NOT? Of course they did, so shoveling money down the Pentagon's Orwellian Memory Hole does NOTHING but make an elite of weapons manufacturers even wealthier.

I'll end with this paragraph from the afterword of Boomerang: How Our Covert Wars Have Created Cnemies by Mark Zepezauer: "Ultimately, there is no military solution to the problem of terrorism. We can defend ourselves best by working to eliminate the root causes of terrorism: hunger, disease, lack of education, repression. It's true that bin Laden himself is neither poor nor uneducated, but millions support him because they perceive him as standing up to the forces that subsidize their oppression. We can combat that perception by showing our willingness to right past wrongs and to work for a more just world order. The al-Qaida network has never once said that they attack us because they envy our freedom. They have said time and again that they oppose our support for the occupation of Palestine, our deadly sanctions against the people of Iraq, and our military alliance with the corrupt monarchy that holds sovereignty over Muslim holy lands. Reversing these policies just happens to be the right thing; we should not stay on this counterproductive path just because our enemies demand otherwise. We can deny them support by proving them wrong about us."