No War but the Class War

No War but the Class War
by Saab Lofton

"The line must be drawn here -- this far, no further ..!"
--an often heard line in Star Trek

For me, the political has always been personal. For instance, as I once said in a commentary ...

"Even I come fairly close to approximating life in the United Federation of Planets: I'm on food stamps and I live in subsidized housing so I can afford to write full time ... And if anybody got a problem with that, tell the corporately-owned mass media to stop censoring me, hire my black ass and pay me enough to buy my own house, 'cause I'd rather die like a samurai than stock shelves at WalMart!"

... and no pun intended, but I'm being dead serious. My fragile lifestyle is paid for, at least to some extent, via taxation. The problem is the level of ignorance in America today is at an all time high; the corporately-funded and FOX News-hyped Tea Party has jedi mind tricked the masses into "thinking" (note the quotes) that someone like me is supposedly a burden which is somehow draining the economy. This, of course, is 100% pure, uncut bullshit, seeing as how ...

"Wealthfare -- the money government gives away to corporations´╗┐ and wealthy individuals -- costs us more than $815 billion a year. That's more than four times what we spend on welfare´╗┐ for the poor."
--Mark Zepezauer, from his book, Take the Rich off Welfare

... however, the aforementioned isn't exactly as famous as bread and circuses such as LeBron James or Lindsay Lohan, is it? Unfortunately not, since a handful of taxphobic corporations own every major MASS media outlet there is ...

"The lack of diversity in ownership helps explain the lack of diversity in the news ... the media watchers Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) looked at who appeared on the evening news on ABC, CBS and NBC. Ninety-two percent of all U.S. sources interviewed were white, 85 percent were male, and where party affiliation was identifiable, 75 percent were Republican."
--The Seattle Times, April 3rd, 2005

... a century ago, black men were lynched for even thinking about being near a white woman because of ignorance. Now, at the dawn of the 21st century, I may end up homeless because of ECONOMIC ignorance. Well, I meant what I said: I'd rather die than work a day job; I've proven myself as an author FAR too many times to do anything else, so if those teabaggers who're in Congress decide to deprive me of my welfare, it's WAR.

Granted, there's not much that I can do, other than commit seppuku (the ritual suicide required of those who live by the samurai code if they're ever dishonored) if I'm evicted BEFORE being able to afford a home via some miraculous success akin to Sly Stallone's. That leaves the other 300 million Americans -- most of whom are NOT Republican -- who may very well choose to take up arms to defend themselves against the rapacious corporate elite and the politicians it owns.

To anyone tempted enough to seriously contemplate armed insurrection, let me make this perfectly clear: It's only glamorous after you win -- until then, you're a fugitive, and if you're caught, you're just another terrorist in the eyes of the ignorant. In the year 2010, Robin Hood is England's Greatest Legend, but back when he was doing his thing, people thought of him as England's Most Wanted. If you can handle life on the run and under the gun, good luck ...

... if you caN'T, then I highly suggest you cut those damn video games off, quit obsessing over those sports results or celebrity scandals and remember the words of my mentor ...

"The ultimate solution is not with the people on top. The ultimate solution is for people in the streets to create an atmosphere for people on top to be accountable."
-- Professor Howard Zinn (1922 - 2010)

... specifically, this means the following ...

1) If you're a musician (rock, rap, whatever), you better sober up and arrange a benefit concert every single weekend for the Peace Movement and Human rights organizations (since paying for those increasingly expensive Oil Wars is the REAL drain on our economy). If you're not, organize bake sales, fashion shows and other fund raisers on a regular basis.

2) Hold what I call Pizza Screenings: Find someplace where you can regularly play left-wing movies (Bob Roberts, Bulworth, Canadian Bacon, Erin Brockovich, Lord of War, Salvador, Star Trek: The Voyage Home, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, V for Vendetta, etc., etc., etc.) for large audiences and provide enough pizza/soda for everyone.

3) Dress up like zombies and stagger around military recruiting stations -- remind those recruiters (and potential recruits) that the military-industrial complex traffics in DEATH ... Be sure to frequently moan the word "brains" because military intelligence is a contradiction in terms.

... oh, am I being redundant? Have I made similar suggestions in the past? Well, I'm trying to save lives -- I'm NOT under any obligation to impress or entertain y'all! The future of this planet and its people are on the line, so ACT accordingly.

"This is your wake up call, pal. Go to work."
--Gordon Gekko, Wall Street