Kick Up Your Heels, Footloose and Fancy Free

Kick Up Your Heels, Footloose and Fancy Free
Intellectual Laziness and Adrenaline Addiction in Activism
by Saab Lofton

"We know what you're against, but what are you for?"
--Ted Kennedy while addressing the Peace Movement

We the People are LONNNNNG overdue for a Greenpeace version of FDR's New Deal. A group called the Apollo Alliance is on the front line insofar as this goes, but basically, it's all about killing two birds with one stone: The environment is at risk, unemployment is through the roof, so pay the poor (a LIVING, NOT minimum wage) to save the world.

Unfortunately, according to National Public Radio, "[Occupy Wall Street] has the feel of a classic street protest with one exception: It's unclear exactly what the demonstrators want ... does it matter that the protest is vague?"

Yes, it does, goddamn it! NPR goes on to report ...

"[Bill Dobbs, an activist involved in the 2004 demonstrations at the Republican National Convention] and others say the group's lack of specificity serves a purpose because it invites outrage over a full spectrum of societal grievances."

... now, WHY EXACTLY would "a full spectrum" be necessary? I understand the need for strength-in-numbers and so forth, but I'm also all too aware of a) how those protests are predominantly white, and b) how historically notorious whites are when it comes to their utterly irrational fear of alienating ...

"Many white liberals cling to the notion that building a mass movement against war necessitates the use of techniques and rhetoric that 'don't scare away' middle class whites."
--from an Open Letter To Activists Concerning Racism In The Anti-War Movement (February 13th, 2003)

... in order to AFFORD the aforementioned eco-friendly jobs creation, the rich MUST be taxed -- and since these protesters are outside Wall Street anyway, they might as well propose the following ...

"... the daily volume of currency buying and selling has reached a sum of approximately $1.5 trillion. This figure does not include operations involving so-called financial derivatives, which account for an almost equal additional sum. That is, some $3 trillion worth of speculative operations are carried out every day. If a one percent tax was to be charged on all speculative operations, the amount raised would be more than enough for sustainable development in the so-called developing countries, with the necessary protection of nature and the environment ... May the tax suggested by Nobel Prize laureate James Tobin be imposed in a reasonable and effective way on the current speculative operations that account for trillions of dollars traded every 24 hours. Then the United Nations, which cannot continue to depend on meager, inadequate and belated donations and charities, will have $1 trillion annually to save and develop the world."
--from the book, War, Racism and Economic Injustice by Fidel Castro (so help me, I don't want to hear a damn thing about Castro's Human rights violations until every last member of the Bush administration is doing hard time for war crimes against Humanity)

... alas, that could alienate those inbred retards who're under the delusion that Ron Paul (a libertarian, i.e., CAPITALIST presidential candidate) is supposedly the messiah. We wouldn't want our right-wing relatives finding out we're really tax and spend liberals, now would we? [WARNING: SARCASM ALERT]

According to Oscar winning documentarian Michael Moore, a few Ron Paul disciples were in attendance at the Wall Street protest. What's worse, this dismissive conversation occurred when Moore pointed that out ...

Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC: Michael, is it your sense that [Occupy Wall Street] is basically a cry from the heart; it's not so much specifically about we want to change this [hypothetical] clause in this [hypothetical] bill ..?

Michael Moore: We're not down here to support Senate Bill [again, another hypothetical]. We're beyond that ... This is not about supporting some piece of legislation or 'let's get behind some politician' ... Nobody cares about that anymore.

... I'm extremely disappointed in Moore. He of all people should know better -- and proud as I am of the activists who have put themselves on the line for the rest of us, I'm just as saddened by this MTV's Jackass approach to activism.

At least that NPR piece I quoted from earlier included the following: "You should have a clear and convincing message, and know who is going to deliver it," said the Rev. Herbert Daughtry, a longtime civil rights activist who has participated in protests for decades. "One of the reasons to get attention is to deliver the message."

Thank you, reverend. Hopefully, the message will be delivered DESPITE that white desire to party and cry out WOO-HOO! The future of the Human race is at stake ...