Gene Roddenberry

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The Future of Humanity's Economy, Part II

The Future of Humanity's Economy, Part II
by Saab Lofton

"Social action must be animated by a vision of a future society."
--Professor Noam Chomsky

... and as visions of the future go, it doesn't get any better than Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek. Unfortunately, given the extent to which laissez-faire capitalism (otherwise known as Reaganomics) is CURRENTLY dominant in America, Roddenberry's vision is under attack because it depicts the Human race as having abolished poverty, and obviously, a libertarian has less than zero interest in THAT.

What's worse, it's also assailed from within since Roberto Orci -- one of the screenwriters behind the 2009 Star Trek remake -- said during a Q&A with fans that, "there's money, or some kind of credit system in this [version]."

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